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Maldives Tourism, Best Tourist Places in Maldives

About Maldives Tourism, Troubled by work complications, want to have a Relax and want to go to a relaxed place, in your budget, the only country in the world that has beauty is the most unique and amazing. In the Maldives, you can see the world inside the sea. The view of the Maldives, located just a few miles away from India, is really amazing and beautiful. This place is great for summer. You can guess from the beauty of this world surrounded by the sea that this tourist place is the most favorite destination of Bollywood stars.

Know about the cheapest and beautiful country Maldives, where everyone dreams of going. The Maldives is a large group of about 1200 beautiful and popular islands. Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is very close to India, just 700 km from Lakshadweep, located in the country of India. is far. Maldives is a country of dreams. The Maldives of 1200 islands are known for having the most attractive and beautiful beaches in the world.

The 200 islands of the Maldives are inhabited by local populations, while 12 islands are reserved for foreign tourists. All those facilities are available in the Maldives for the beautiful resorts, hotels and tourists to visit. Every year around six to seven lakh tourists come to Maldives to spend their vacation.

Maldives is a popular and scenic tourist destination. Everything you need to have a perfect holiday in this infinitely beautiful Maldives will be found here.

Waving blue sea, sandy beaches, palm trees, pleasant and spectacular weather, when the sun rays fall on the far-flung beaches, it seems that you are in heaven by seeing that beauty.

Best places to visit in Maldives

There are many beautiful and scenic places in Maldives, without visiting these places you should not go back from Maldives. Must see some of the sights of Maldives.

One can enjoy the natural beauty, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing in Maldives. There is nothing better than windsurfing and kite boarding on the beach.

Places to Visit In Maldives 

1. Scuba Diving in Maldives - Is Maldives the Best Place for Scuba Driving?

scuba divin maldives

Maldives Tourist Attractions, Maldives has a lot of water sports to enjoy because of its more beaches. Maldives is one of the best destinations for scuba diving and water sports. Lagoon, Thila, Erie Atoll, Kandu, Erie Atoll, Gangai Kandu, Broken Rock and Hukueli Furu are some of the major scuba diving sites in the Maldives.

2. Maldives Land of Eternal Romance

Maldives Land of Eternal Romance
Maldives Eternal Romance -Maldives Sightseeing 

Maldives sightseeing, Maldives has been an ideal paradise for beach lovers. To enjoy a spectacular evening at Maldives and experience eternal romance is having cocktails in one hand and your girlfriend on the other and watching the sun set in is a different joy.

3. Underwater photography in Maldives

Underwater photography in Maldives
Underwater Photography - Maldives Famous Places

Maldives famous places, If you are a photographer and you enjoy doing photography then Maldives are the best and favorite place to do underwater photography. Underwater photography cameras are also easily available in the Maldives.

4. Submarine ride in Maldives

Submarine ride in Maldives
Submarine Ride in Maldives - Best Places to Visit in Maldives

About Maldives tourism, One can see the underwater world through submarines on the Maldives coastline. It creates a different kind of thrill. Many tourists from all over the world visit this place to see whales and dolphins.

5. Male Island

Male island
Male Island - Places to Visit in Maldives

Male Island, It is very good Maldives tourist spotMale Island, the capital of Maldives, can be a good and beautiful place to visit Maldives, as the international airport is located in the capital. One can enjoy artificial beaches, underwater scooter rides and snorkeling in this city.

Best time to visit:- September to March

6. Banana Reef in Maldives

Banana Reef Maldives
Image Credit - Banana Reef - Maldives tourist places

Banana Reef is famous for being one of the best diving sites in the world. Adorned with stunning caves, majestic rocks, beautiful coral growth and powerful surpluses. Banana Reef is one of the best places in Maldives for scuba diving. If you are planning a trip to Maldives, then you must include Banana Reef in your trip because it is a place where you can do scuba diving as well as snorkeling to the northern end of the reef here. can try. Maldives is one of the most preferred places to explore the vivid world beneath the surface of the water.

Best time to visit:- April to August 

7. Vaadhoo Island in Maldives.

Vaadhoo Island in Maldives.
Vadhoo Island - Maldives Places to Visit

Vadhoo Island is one of the most beautiful places in the Maldives with some of the best resorts and beautiful tourist spots. A natural phenomenon called the Sea of ​​Stars occurs here, which attracts everyone's attention. At the time of Sea of ​​Stars, Vadhoo Island sinks in the sea water and shines in such a way that the stars twinkle in the sky. That is why Vadhoo Island in Maldives is the best place to visit at night time. This beautiful island of Maldives is the best place to spend time in solitude amidst lush green trees and the sea shore.

Best time to visit:- June to December

8. Hulhumale Island in Maldives

Hulhumale Island Maldives
Hulhumale Island - Maldives Tourist Spot

Hulhumale Island, spread over an area of ​​about 188 hectares, is one of the best places in the Maldives. Hulhumale Island, well connected to the airport, is one of the famous places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The most unique feature of Hulhumale is that it is an artificial beach consisting of palm trees and stunning beaches. Hulhumale Island is the best place for tourists who come to Maldives for a day trip.

Best time to visit:- October to February 

9. Maafushi Island in Maldives

Maafushi Island in Maldives
Maafushi Islands - Maldives Tourist Attractions

Maafushi Island are known for a stunning blend of blue and white. Maafushi islands are very popular and famous for amazing things like water sports, the local delicious food served here "lip-smooch" and natural beauty. Maafushi Island is one of the top honeymoon and holiday destinations of the Maldives that attracts millions of tourists every year. Maafushi Island is a place away from the hull of cities where tourists go to spend quality time in seclusion with their family, friends or their partners.

Best time to visit:- December to March

10. Water Sports in Maldives.

Water Sports in Maldives.
Water Sport in Maldives - Famous Places to Visit in Maldives

The Maldives is home to many famous and beautiful islands and beaches. The Maldives are one of the top destinations in the world for water sports, some of the major water sports such as banana boating, jet skinning, flyboarding, catamaran sealing, fun tube, kayaking and parasailing. When you travel to Maldives, you must try all these water sports.

Famous Food in Maldives

Fish, coconut and starch are the main local dishes of Maldives known for their distinct taste.

How To Reach Maldives - How To Reach Maldives By Flight

The only option to go to Maldives is to travel by flight. You can take a flight from any country to the international airport of Maldives. The Maldives International Airport connects all major countries of South-East Asia, including India, China and Sri Lanka, to Male International Airport (MLE).

How to Reach Maldives from India

You can only travel by flight from India to Maldives. There are many flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Cochin to Maldives.

Best time to Visit in Maldives

November to March is an ideal time for sunbathing, scuba diving and snorkeling, as the weather is dry and tropical at this time.